Good Day Lifestyle with essential oils from Young Living

The summer of 2014 I invested in my first Young Living essential oils. I am so glad I made that choice! When my daughter in law started having great results with essential oils I was curious. I thought, If I could have the same results that would be great. So I took the plunge and ordered my Premium Starter Kit. Within the first week, yes the first week, I was no longer taking my pills for seasonal stuffiness, my pills for better sleep or my tummy pill. Say what! It is crazy that something so simple as one drop of oil could do so much in such a quick amount of time. I love the fact that I no longer have to take all those drugs. I love that I can use a natural way to take care of health issues in my life. Big plus I love sharing my oil journey with my family and friends…so much goodness! I love being on this journey!

Sharing this journey with so many others has been amazing as well. These oils are life changing. I love telling my oily story and would love to hear your story. Email me HERE

If you haven’t started on your oily journey yet come along with us HERE! It is a super good choice to make! I just wish I would have started sooner there is so much goodness with these oils.

The best and easiest way to get started, the way that I also got started, is to become a wholesale member and invest in your own premium starter kit.  You can do that by going HERE!  When you get your Premium Starter kit, it will have everything you will need to get started on your oily journey, including eleven essential oils, an amazing diffuser, some great samples and reading material to help you out.  This is one good choice you’ll be happy you made!  Once you do, I have some bonus information and help, plus I will get you into some great oily information exchange groups on facebook. Come connect up with me on facebook, let’s make it a good day together!