Essential Rewards




Essential Rewards (ER) is an awesome monthly ordering program with Young Living, and it’s so good! It has a flexible ship day and product selection. We love being able to customize whatever we need each month based on our wellness needs at the time. Plus Young Living gives us rewards points for more goodness which is free!

PLUS more goodness: YL offers sweet promos each month that are earned by placing an order of a certain amount. Most often you will see that ordering 190, 250, or 300 PV (personal volume; usually equal to dollars) will get you free products. So good!

Reasons To Use Essential Rewards:
– Discounted shipping on all your ER order. We love cheaper shipping.
– Earn free points! 1-3 months: earn 10% back
– 4-20 months: earn 20% back
– 25+ months: earn 25% back
– Earn loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months participation in ER
– Ability to change the date and products in your ER order every single month.
-There are no obligations or contracts, so you can cancel anytime.
– Receive free monthly promo items when your ER order qualifies.
– Only 50PV minimum to maintain your ER account.
– With your wholesale discount, we love to order for our friends. This earns you your ER points, and helps friends get an oil or two that they are interested in.

How To Get Going:
Sign in at and click “Essential Rewards,” then follow the prompts.