What do
essential oils
actually do?
We’re so glad
you asked!


Quick biology lesson: our bodies are made up of an insane amount of cells, right? The nucleus, which lives inside the cell, is the thinker. It tells the cell what to do. It’s also where DNA is produced. Now information must go through the cell and into the nucleus so that it stays in communication and keeps working properly. How does the information pass through? Through what’s called receptor sites. But then something goes wrong. Toxins from chemicals, our environment, our food, or even our thoughts damage the receptor sites on our cells.

Now for the good news! There are a few main constituents of oils.

One is called sesquiterpenes which ERASE the bad information that our cells have been given. And another constituent of oils is phenols. Phenols CLEAN AND REPAIR RECEPTOR SITES, allowing our cells to communicate properly again.

This blows my mind. What a gift we are given through living things like plants and trees and roots and bark.

1.Essential Oils can bypass digestion.
Unlike using nearly anything else, your body will experience positive changes from using essential oils whether your gut is perfect or not!

2.Essential oils are fat soluble.
Your skin soaks them up and pushes the oils deep into the bloodstream.

3.Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier.
So their wonderful power can flow deep into your system neurologically, and affect every system of the body – quickly.

4.Essential oils work off frequencies.
Every single living thing has a different vibrational frequency. Oils stimulate and support certain parts of your body to create specific changes in frequency.

5.Essential oils are adaptogenic.
They do for my body what MY body needs, and will do for your body what YOUR body needs.

6.Essential oils work in therapy localization.
By applying an oil directly to the area you want support, you’re stimulating the nervous system intensely. Your brain tells your whole body to focus its energy there.

7.Essential oils clean receptor sites.
When there is junk on the receptor site, the brain can’t send a signal to the body to tell it what to do or the brain can’t process the information that your body is receiving.

8.Essential oils are safe and easy to use.

9.Essential oils can be used through multiple applications.
Apply them! Diffuse them! Ingest them!

This was just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much goodness in using essential oils.

Ready to get started, on your journey of using essential oils contact the friend that told you about the Good Day Oils or send us a message.